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Managed Services

Substantial service improvements and cost reductions are achieved through a proactive managed services model

Ethical Hacking

CATScan℠ (Comprehensive Accurate Testing & Scanning) is based on the co-authored Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Web Application Testing Methodology, National Institute of Standards 800-Series and exceeds the PCI Standards Council 3.0 Standards

Social Media Reporting

What are people saying about your company and brand? Are you the last one to know….. DON’T BE. Obtain Proactive awareness of Social Media exposure and risks to your business on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked'IN and more!

RSA 2016

RSA 2016 is fast approaching. This year I will be making the trip with colleagues and have started to put together the calendar of events early.   The RSA published AGENDA looks great, meetings slots are almost filled up and I am looking forward to seeing the staff at my favorite spots

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Top 10 Tactical Tips for Building a Incident Response Program

The following is my view of the Top 10 tactical tips for Incident Response Planning.  For 2016 we created a project and donate the content to the OWASP Foundation as the OWASP Top 10 Guidance for Incident Response to help businesses better prepare internal teams for incidents related to cyber.   .PDF

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“Focus Or You Will Say Your Sorry”

This year many organizations have invested thousands of hours in producing proactive security controls including Center for Internet Security with Top 20 Controls Version 6.0 SAFECode releasing (12) FREE OnDemand Training Videos OWASP Foundation  with its Application Security Verifications Standard Each of these groups have provided guidance to allow you to FOCUS on

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Why is it important and how regular testing can benefit your company? As business has transformed over the years to a more service-oriented environment, a significant increase in trust has been placed on outside organizations to manage business processes and corporate data. Do you truly know how secure your third

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